Back-friendly packing tips for your next big trip

Wherever you plan to travel this summer, there's likely going to be some travel prep involved. Depending on how you get around, you may have different luggage requirements in mind. Leaving that aside, you should also think about how your travel plans will affect your back. If you intend to be on the go, you can't afford to have something weighing you down.

For those going by plane, a rolling suitcase can be the obvious answer to back strain concerns. It certainly shifts the weight away from your shoulders, something that could help if there's a lot you need to bring with you. However, be aware of how the suitcase will be handled in transit, and whether the contents will be damaged if the suitcase is mishandled.

Backpacking trips can come with clear dangers for your spine. Along with keeping less pain directly on your back, you'll want to position your neck to keep the bulk of the strain off. It's important to note the multiple types of pain that can all trace back to having too heavy of a load with you. These can include loss of feeling in your fingers as well as pain in either the upper or lower parts of your back.

There's also the endless lugging up and down stairs you might have to do in the course of the trip. Travel journalist Peter Greenberg wrote about this last year on his blog, mentioning the back issues of lifting and carrying suitcases. He recommended separating the contents of one suitcase into several smaller bags and unloading them all at the ground floor of a hotel if you have many flights to go up.

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