Back-friendly chairs may pay off in the long run

The cost of a back-friendly chair may seem steep, but it could be a major boon for your body. Whether it's for the office or your home, if you plan to spend a long time sitting, it should be in something that makes you feel comfortable, right? There's more to a better back than just your chair, but it's undeniable that this makes for a big part of your spinal health.

Sitting for work or just to relax can be just as destructive. Last year, kinesiologist Margo Fraser told the New York Times that the furniture you sit in could play more of a role in body pain than it seems, especially if there's another cause that seems more likely. The article went on to talk about the proper balance in a supportive chair: not too hard, but not too plush either.

Aidan Woods, a practitioner in Dublin, more recently told the Irish Times that seating needs to match the person for the best fit.

"If you are sitting or standing, have a work setup that's appropriate to you because every single one of us are different shapes and sizes," he said. "If there is the facility at work to get specialist help I would always encourage people to get someone in to talk them through what is the best chair, computer or mouse for them."

Sitting for a long time in any chair could still be a bad idea, though, which is why you may want to take breaks and always pay attention to your aches. Part of that involves taking the matter seriously and talking to a chiropractor for a professional opinion. Someone with experience could help you decide what behaviors will reduce your pain and discomfort.