Back exercises you can do without standing up

Not everyone has the chance to get up and walk around during the day. Sometimes it's because of your life situation, and other times it's simply because you work a busy office job. While getting up and taking a break is always valuable, there are some alternatives when you simply can't leave your chair.

It's important to address the places where pain is, and you may be surprised what you can do without any extraneous movement. One of the plus sides of these exercises is that they might make you naturally sit up straighter in your chair, or at least pay more attention to how you're sitting.

"You can try some upper-body stretches first, with your shoulders and arms."

It can help to divide these kinds of exercises into different categories based on the part of your body you're working out. For example, you can try some upper-body stretches first, with your shoulders and arms. It might help to do whatever stretch you choose on both sides of your body.

You can extend your arms as well, depending on how much space you have around you for these kinds of movements. Shoulder rolls and chest exercises might also be useful for offsetting pain and putting your muscles to work without standing up.

For the lower body, you can pull your legs up to your waist and try to angle your desk for a fuller stretch. Another way to exercise is through a seated crunch, bringing your legs up to your chest in a way that targets your abs.

These are some simple ideas to get started, but when you have persistent pain, you may need professional advice. Bronston Chiropractic or our Medical Division Community Care Clinic may help you find the treatment that you need. Contact us to get care today.