Avoiding back pain during pregnancy

It's safe to say that the odds of dealing with back pain during pregnancy are fairly high. The American Pregnancy Association notes that as much as 70 percent of pregnant women can experience this kind of pain, with some of the potential causes including poor posture, hormonal changes and the general shift of weight within the body. If you are planning on getting pregnant soon, then there's a good chance you'll need to negotiate back pain in the future.

However, that doesn't mean you should ignore back pain when it arises, or that it isn't a serious condition worthy of a doctor. Taking everything in context can help you make good health decisions for both you and your future baby.

"Taking pregnancy-related back pain in context can help you make good health decisions."

As Parents.com said, one of the factors to watch for is the timing of the back pain, considering how it arises compared to other symptoms. While mild pain could be relatively normal, severe pain, even if it dissipates quickly, could be worth examining in detail. The source also said that pain accompanying fever, bleeding and numbness can all be more serious.

So, what to do? Physical positioning is almost certainly key. Try to correct your posture and give yourself sufficient support, through a belt if needed, You could also get a (non-strenuous or dangerous) amount of activity in to stay active. You can also use squats if you need to bend down to keep the focus of the stress on the more flexible parts of your body, and try to align yourself comfortably when you sit or lie down.

Perhaps even more than normal, it's important to get a professional medical opinion on back pain when you're pregnant. So contact Bronston Chiropractic or our Medical Division Community Care Clinic today to schedule an appointment if you suspect serious back pain.