6 ways back pain can affect your life: Part 2

Your spine is connected to so many other parts of your body, so when it's in pain, it will likely cause other problems as well. In part two, we discuss another three ways that back pain can disrupt your life and some tips to solve these issues:

1. Complicating digestion
There are suggestions of a relationship between back pain and constipation or other digestive issues. While it's not a clear association, it makes sense that sufferers of back pain would struggle to pass food properly. Stress often impedes healthy digestion, as does physical inactivity – both of which can be brought on by back pain.

2. Limiting memory
Back pain can possibly be the reason why you're more forgetful than usual. A 2013 study from the University of Porto in Portugal found that chronic pain can inhibit certain cognitive functions, specifically different types of memory. The researchers concluded that back injuries can cause certain nerve damage that ultimately affects the brain. Another potential explanation is how distracting pain can be – having that on your mind can prevent you from absorbing other information.

3. Straining relationships
If you're living with back pain, you may not be able to partake in all the same activities as your friends and family. For people who have never suffered from any sort of chronic pain, they may not fully comprehend the limitations of the condition. While your loved ones may be understanding, it can be difficult missing out on these moments. That's why it's important to overcome pain and not allow it to run your life.

If you're experiencing problems due to chronic back pain, schedule an appointment with a professional chiropractor today.