5 ways to protect your back during spring cleaning

With spring approaching, many of us are gearing up to clear out closets, dust off all our surfaces and give our homes a fresh, clean start for the new season. While this marathon cleaning event might be great for your surroundings, it can do a lot of harm to your back if you aren't careful. To prepare for your spring cleaning, here are five tips that will stop it from becoming a serious pain in the back:

1. Mind your posture

While cleaning, many people tend to lean or contort themselves in odd positions. Just as it is in every other activity, your posture and spine alignment are important. So when you start scrubbing, be mindful of your posture and try to maintain a straight, even alignment.

2. Use proper lifting techniques

Another easy way you could injure yourself while cleaning is by improper lifting. When picking up heavy objects, you should always bend at your knees, not at your waist. Lifting with your back can put a lot of strain on your discs and muscles, causing serious injury.

3. Don't forget about safety

You may have a few hard-to-reach spots in need of dusting, but you should never put yourself in harm's way to get there. Before using stools or step-ladders, inspect them to make sure they're sturdy and safe to use. To avoid having to elevate yourself at all, look for cleaning tools with extendable handles that can help you reach high surfaces.

4. Don't do too much at once or on your own

Many homeowners try to get all their spring cleaning done in one weekend – or sometimes even in one day. This causes people to move quickly and without thinking, which can lead to injury. Instead, take your time and be realistic about what you can accomplishment in a day or two. If there's a lot you want to get done, enlist help from family and friends.

5. Try to avoid kneeling

To clean floors or bathtubs, people tend to kneel on all fours and scrub. While you may feel like this is the most effective way to clean, it can put a lot of pressure and strain on your joints, neck and back. Instead, use a mop to clean these surfaces so you can avoid harmful positions.

If you're experiencing back pain after spring cleaning, you should schedule an appointment with a professional chiropractor today.