5 tips for dealing with back pain on your spring vacation

Going on a spring trip means taking a break from the real world – escaping the 9 to 5, turning off your morning alarm and booking fun excursions to pass the time. While taking a mini vacation is mostly associated with happiness and relaxation, there's no telling when you may experience sudden back pain, especially if it's already a regular problem you deal with.

But you shouldn't have to worry about enduring potential pain on your vacation. You're there to enjoy yourself! If you want to avoid back pain or need help dealing with injury, consider the following tips:

1. Pack helpful accessories

If you do happen to deal with back pain during the trip, it's safe to have the right accessories on hand. SmarterTravel recommended packing a heating pad, heating wrap, foam roller or other products that can help you cope with pain on the go.

2. Stay active on the trip

Lack of mobility is bad for your back, inducing pain and making the harsh feelings even worse. Make time for exercise during your vacation to keep back pain from surfacing. Even a quick 30-minute power walk each day can benefit your body.

Go for a walk or jog on the beach every morning of your vacation.Go for a walk or jog on the beach every morning of your vacation.

3. Prioritize relaxation

While vacation is all about relaxation, traveling can still be stressful. And feeling stressed doesn't only impact your mind, tensing up can cause your body to ache as well. Try to relax to the best of your ability during your trip to avoid exacerbating pain.

4. Wear high-quality footwear

Flip-flops may be your go-to choice of footwear on a vacation, but you need to be mindful of arch support. A cheap pair of shoes can lead to foot and back pain almost instantly and can take the fun out of a vacation. Pack high-quality footwear to use on days with a jam-packed agenda.

5. Visit your chiropractor

If you want to make sure you leave in the best condition possible, you may consider scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor before the trip. A professional at Bronston Chiropractic care can evaluate your back and take care of anything that may be holding you back from having the best time on your vacation.

It's not a bad idea to visit your chiropractor when you return home as well, especially if you developed back pain during your travels. Contact Bronston Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment.