5 posture tips to reduce neck and shoulder pain

Many people suffer from neck and shoulder pain that can be corrected through simple posture changes. Here are five ways to reduce that pain:
Avoid a forward head and shoulder posture
When seated, people often have a tendency to bring their head closer to whatever they're looking at, whether it be a book or a computer screen. This slanting of the neck can cause considerable neck and shoulder pain if prolonged.
Avoid this by maintaining a straight posture. Keep your back straight and your face forward, not angled down.
Elevate your screen
The bad posture described above is often due to the fact that what you're looking at is below eye level. Encourage the proper posture by elevating your computer screen so that its top is at eye level. Raising it too high may cause pain as well, so finding that right height is crucial.
Correct mouse and keyboard posture
Many are aware of the dangers of carpal tunnel syndrome, which can result from the improper use of a mouse and keyboard. What many people aren't aware of, however, is that incorrect mouse and keyboard posture may also result in shoulder pains.
When typing, your hands and your wrists should be straight. Bowing your hands inside or outside may cause pain. Your wrists should be elevated slightly above the keyboard
With a mouse, avoid moving at the wrist. Rather move at the elbow to maintain correct posture. If you do something with a mouse that does not require a keyboard, move it out of the way so that you can place your mouse in a more central location.
Proper driving posture
Many people spend a good portion of the day driving, which can put a strain on your neck and shoulders. Reduce this pain by adjusting your driver's seat to place you in the correct posture. Your seat should be in a position where the wheel is an arm's length away. Adjust the seat back so that your back is always flush with it and your neck remains straight. This will help you avoid hunching over, which will cause neck and shoulder pain.
Proper telephone use
When using a phone with their hands tied, people cradle the handset between their shoulder and ear. While this may be convenient, it wreaks havoc on their shoulder and neck.
This can all be avoided with a little preparation. Have a headset nearby if you know you're going to be busy. That way you can still have both hands free and use your phone without hurting yourself. If a headset isn't available, use the speakerphone function instead.
If you've been suffering from chronic shoulder and neck aches and are looking for some relief, schedule an appointment with a professional chiropractor right away.