4 ways to avoid back pain during yard work

Whether you're keeping your landscape green and lush despite the heat or prepping for a backyard party, summertime is full of yard work opportunities. Unfortunately, back pain and other types of discomfort are common complaints after a day of yanking weeds and watering plants. To help you manage your yard without pain, follow these four tips:

1. Warm up and stretch
Just as you would before any other type of physical activity, take a few minutes to prepare your body for the rigorous work out. Stretch the muscles in your arms and legs and warm up a little with some jumping jacks.

2. Stay hydrated
While you're watering plants, don't forget to quench your thirst as well, especially if it's hot and sunny. Take breaks while you work so you can drink plenty of water and give your body some much-needed rest.

3. Don't bend over
If you need to tend to your garden, don't bend at your waist. Doing so can cause you a lot of pain once you're done. Instead, use a knee pad so you can kneel in front of your flower beds. Try to switch up your activity as much as possible as well so you aren't in one position for too long.

4. Enlist some help
If you have a lot of work to do in your yard, don't try to tackle it all by yourself. Get the help of family and friends or hire a professional to help relieve you of some of the burden. This will make it harder for you to overexert yourself.

If you're suffering from back pain after completing some yard work, schedule an appointment with a professional chiropractor today.