4 tips to improve your posture

There are lot of reasons why we hunch over. Whether it's because we're bent over a desk, have poor upper body strength or suffer from low confidence, bad posture is fairly common. It also contributes to the onset or worsening of back pain, which is why it's important to correct this habit. Here are four tips to help you get started:

1. Take breaks at work
If you sit for long hours at a desk, you may find yourself slouching as your body tires. To avoid this position, take frequent breaks to stretch and move around. When you return to your desk, your body will feel refreshed and you'll be able to sustain an upright position.

2. Exercise
If you lack core and upper body strength, good posture can be a significant challenge. To correct this, you'll need to complete workouts that target these parts of your body. Writing for The Huffington Post, fitness expert Ben Greenfield suggests exercises like seated or standing rows and pull-ups that concentrate on the muscles in your shoulders and back.

3. Assess how you sit and stand
To train your body to maintain proper posture, take a moment to examine it. Women's Health magazine breaks up bad posture into different problem areas: head, shoulders, pelvis and feet. Once you determine the parts you need to work on, you'll be better prepared to keep up with good posture.

4. Preserve your bone health
As you age, your bone health can deteriorate and good posture can become tougher to accomplish. To make sure your bones are in good shape, Health magazine encourages following a balanced diet with plenty of nutrients, like vitamin D, that support bone health.

If you're suffering from back pain due to poor posture, schedule an appointment with a professional chiropractor today.