4 common causes of back pain and how to prevent them: Part 2

If you suffer from back pain, you're not alone. According to the Global Burden of Disease 2010, it's the top cause of disability all over the world. Despite being so common, treatment can be difficult. Back injuries aren't easy to detect, and causes are tricky to pinpoint. They can range from something as big as a sports injury to as little as the way you bend over. For this reason, experts often emphasize prevention and practicing healthy habits.

In part two of our series, we discuss the final two common causes of back pain and how to avoid them:

Stressing out too much
Psychological and emotional factors can have a profound impact on your back. Heightened emotions, like stress, trigger certain hormones that can cause muscles to tense. Beyond that connection, there are plenty of theories surrounding the relationship between stress and back pain. Most conclude that the two create a vicious cycle of causing and exacerbating one another.

So, whether it's the cause or the effect, it's best to try to lead to stress-free life. Taking the time to relax and engage in mood-enhancing activities can help you avoid back pain. It's also beneficial to make sure stress doesn't keep you from an active, healthy lifestyle – another way the emotion can amplify pain.

Wearing certain shoes and accessories
It's true – your fashion choices can also have an effect on back pain. Footwear like high heels or flip flops give your arch poor support, leading to pain down the road. Carrying around heavy bags can also create problems for your back. The weight on one side throws your spine off balance, contorting it in an unnatural position.

To avoid these risk factors, alternate what shoe styles you wear throughout the week. If you frequently travel by walking, wear supportive sneakers on the street and change into work-appropriate footwear once you get into the office. If you carry a lot in your bag, evenly distribute the weight between different vessels to avoid the painful imbalance.

If you're experiencing back pain due to one or more of these factors, schedule an appointment with a professional chiropractor today.