3 ways back pain can affect your body

Your spine and nervous system connect to so many other parts of your body, which is why when you suffer from back pain, you often exhibit other symptoms. Here are just a few ways back pain affects the rest of you:

1. Headaches
Headaches can be triggered by various factors. While some of these are external, it's more likely that neck and other muscle tension is the origin of the problem, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Poor posture or staying in one position for too long is often the cause of that tension, which is why office workers in particular need to mind how they sit and take breaks to avoid painful headaches and back problems.

2. Poor digestion
Some digestive problems, like irritable bowel syndrome, can cause back discomfort. In fact, a 2002 survey from the Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology found that chiropractic care could be effective treatment for sufferers of IBS. However, back pain can sometimes worsen digestive problems, whether it's by forcing the sufferer to skip out on physical activity or the stress of dealing with pain complicating digestion. Dealing with the root of the problem can help you tackle the other effects.

3. Stress levels
Stress is one common cause of back pain, but it often creates a vicious cycle. The stress that causes the pain can worsen because of that problem, and in turn your back pain can become more severe. That's why it's often recommended that patients address the emotional aspects of their pain to disrupt that cycle. Activities like yoga are a great way to address both the physical and mental factors that cause back pain.

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