3 tips for dealing with back pain on vacation

Vacation means packing up and leaving your troubles behind. When you suffer from low back pain, though, that often follows you wherever you go, especially if you're walking around all day or sleeping on a different bed. Follow these three pain-fighting tips to help you enjoy any trips you take this summer:

1. Stretch before you sit
Getting to your destination often means sitting for long periods of time. Before you hop on a plane or get behind the wheel, stretch out your muscles to avoid tension that can cause or worsen your discomfort. This little effort can pay off in the long run when you aren't starting your vacation with severe back pain.

2. Wear comfortable shoes
If you plan to sight-see throughout your trip, wear proper footwear to give you the support you need. Sporting flat or other uncomfortable shoes will not only make it harder to enjoy the beautiful sights, but also hurt your back as well.

3. Request special bedding
Hotel beds tend to be firmer so they can endure more rigorous use, as Alistair Hughes, the managing director of luxury bed brand Savoir Beds, told the Los Angeles Times. While firm mattresses can be good for back pain, they aren't right for everyone. The LA Times suggests calling ahead and asking for a special bedding or mattress to help you deal with your pain. If those options aren't available, do everything else you can to manage your aches.

If you're suffering from low back pain after a vacation, or want to deal with it before you go, schedule an appointment with a professional chiropractor today.