3 possible alternatives to sitting at work

There may be no easy way to eliminate back pain at the workplace, but there are some options you can turn to for alternatives. Sitting in the same position for long periods of time could cause negative health effects over long periods, so it's good to have other possibilities in mind.

There are more ways to work than simply choosing from sitting or standing. Consider the three different methods below for combating stiffness, soreness and sedentary work habits.

  • Leaning spaces: What if your office was designed to give employees a chance to lean comfortably, instead of fully sitting or standing? Chairless offices entered the mainstream consciousness years ago and could offer workers a chance to adopt whatever posture works best for them. You can follow this mode by helping establish an office where 
  • "Movement"-based chairs: Some seating options allow you to get exercise without leaving your desk. Treadmill desks, stability balls, and desks that can adjust during the day could all keep users from having to pick one style or the other. Since the important thing is avoiding staying in one position for too long, the ability to change can bring healthier options with it.
  • Wearable chairs: This idea comes from a company called Noonee, profiled last year by Smithsonian.com.  Its "chairless chair" product is meant to fit like a brace and fold out easily into a seat. Sitting in it correctly could help the user maintain a straight back and avoid the pressure that comes with crouching.

As you look for sitting alternatives, you can also work with a chiropractor for skilled, professional assistance. Changing your seating might not be all that it takes to correct your bad habits and stay pain-free. Take action soon to start adapting to better habits.