3 important reasons to get a child’s sports physicals early

It might seem easy to keep putting off a child's an important sports physical, but sooner and later you'll probably need to get one for them to to stay in the game, no matter which sport that is. So why not prioritize this important appointment and get it over with in advance? As you might guess, there are some notable reasons to arrange your child's physical and get ready ahead of the sports season.

  1. You'll have time to take care of things: If a sports physical does reveal a serious condition, and you gave yourself enough time to catch it, there's less of a chance that it will slow them  down during competition. Physicals can give a general snapshot of how their body is doing, leaving you with important next steps to take if something is wrong.
  2. Your requirements may vary: While an American Academy of Pediatrics journal paper published in 2015 said that every state requires some sort of "preparticipation physical evaluation," it also said that these can be wildly inconsistent. With this in mind, one specific sports program could have demands that others don't, a good reason to start when you have the time.
  3. You can get advice on important medical issues: The physical can also be a good time to get information about a budding athlete's other conditions and whether or not sports activity will impact them. Using it as a point of contact with a professional can help alleviate some of the pressure of preparing for the first practice.

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