3 gymnastics injuries that could cause serious damage

Hurt yourself during gymnastics? Don't feel alone: This is a sport known for physical damage, and it's all the more reason to see a professional and get the treatment you need. From the local to the international stage, gymnasts are always at risk of injuring themselves accidentally while performing.

The best way to prevent this could be consulting a chiropractor with the varied experience to recognize all of the different symptoms. It's also important to distinguish expected minor pains from signs of something more serious.

For easy reference, here are some possible damages you're likely to see in action:

  1. Achilles tendon tears: This happened to a competitor in Utah recently, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Kim Tessen of the local Red Rocks team sustained this injury, which prevented her from the rest of the year's events. In light of this, stay vigilant if this sort of injury is likely.
  2. Impact trauma: Given the nature of the sport, it should be no surprise that participants could face dangerous falls, with the extremities in particular danger. In some cases, though, a fall could mean even more serious damage. ABC News reported on a young Washington state gymnast who left paralyzed after landing on her neck during practice. Even though this is reportedly an extremely rare occurrence, it shows the stakes at play when gymnasts compete.
  3. Knees and ligaments: You may notice that some of the above injuries have to do with flexibility. With that in mind, joints, such as knees, can be a problem if they suffer too much. The same Tribune article said that another member of the Red Rocks team was already out of commission due to a knee problem. 

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