3 exercises that could leave your back sore

While exercise can be great for your body, there are some activities that may leave you in pain without you realizing why. Just because you're working out doesn't mean you aren't accidentally hurting yourself. As with all back pain, it can be best to spot this early and get a licensed chiropractor's attention to seek out the right treatment.

If you've got some pain after trying one of these exercises, don't let it get you too down. Instead, let someone who knows the best responses for pain guide you through the process and help you pick the best exercise for your body:

  • Fishing: Believe it or not, casting a rod can lead to back pain. The tension between a taught line and a heavy fish can put a surprising amount of pressure on you as you try to wrangle a fish close. Bad posture may also be to blame for soreness in the midst of a fishing trip.
  • Spin class: According to Shape.com, the standard Spin Cycling pose can crunch your body into a painful position. Leaning forward on the bike and keeping your back straight can spell serious bad news for your lower back.
  • Yoga: Speaking of poses, here's another possible source of stress. Like many exercises, yoga can be good for your back if done right but bad if done wrong. Fortunately, because so many yoga poses vary, you could discuss your routine with a specialist and eliminate any of the positions that aren't helping you. Total Beauty gave some examples of back-breaking yoga moves, such as the Warrior One, Cobra and Camel poses.

Exercise should help you strengthen your body, not make it weaker. Get in touch with a chiropractor today to start taking action against bad habits for your back.