3 common summer sports injuries to watch out for

For many, summer can mean fun times hanging out and playing your favorite games and sports. It also can mean getting into scrapes and suffering some injuries. There are so many sports you might be partaking in that we don't have room to cover every single possible injury, but we can touch on some of the more prominent ones. Obviously, your risk level will vary depending on both your physiology and the particular sport you're playing, so be sure to ask a professional for help if you have questions.

1. Sprains, twists and minor joint pain
Let's start with some of the low-level injuries. No matter what sport you're doing, there's probably some risk of easy sprains. Whether it's in the the upper or lower body, the basic treatment can be the same: simple stretches before activity and rest.

In August 2016, Dr. Vani Sabesan of the American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine spoke specifically about the dangers that can lead to shoulder injuries

"Sports such as swimming, golfing and volleyball require repetitive, overhead motion," Dr. Sabesan said. "The rotator cuff muscles are often the target of injuries and can get irritated or fatigued with overuse. It's important to practice safe techniques with each sport to safeguard against injuries and to use periods of rest to recover."

That might be good advice for similar sprains in general, which could come from many different activities. You can avert so much pain by simply taking your time and warming up.

Sprains and twists are common in many summer sports.Sprains and twists are common in many summer sports.

2. Sunburns
You might not normally consider a sunburn that serious, but it's easy to forget about wearing your sunscreen when you're getting ready for a big game. In the hot months, it's best to be on the safe side, even if you can't always see the sun.

For sports where you'll be out on the field with exposed skin, make sure you cover everything with a good SPF and treat burns correctly. It's also important to distinguish between different kinds of bumps and burns on your body, so you can tell what's actually a sunburn and what has a different cause, like a rash.

3. Short breath
Lose your breath, or get the wind knocked out of you? This is another condition where you might be best suited to rest. Staying calm and giving yourself time to recover is key for many conditions, and this might be one of the most prominent examples.

Sometimes, a little bit of rest might be all you need. The BBC said that you might be able to return to play 15 minutes after solar plexus trauma.

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