3 common sports treatments for young athletes

Kids can often wind up with injuries from sports: the big question is what to do about it after. In the effort to get your child back on the field as soon as possible, you might overlook the most useful treatments for them. Here are some of the common ways to counter sprains, twists and other painful problems.

  1. Changes in pacing: Some sports injuries can come from overuse or continuing to do painful activities. When pain flares up, as with the condition known as "Little League elbow," it could be best to keep the child away from their sport until it passes and they can get back into the normal rhythm of practice.
  2. PRICE: The U.S. New & World Report recommended this method in a recent article about "alternative" methods for treating childhood sports injuries. Compared to treatments that require a doctor's visit, this could be a pretty sound approach to common sense treatment you can do yourself. PRICE stands for Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation, the source said. Following these simple steps could at least give you some way to handle an injury before you take your child to a professional.
  3. Teach prevention: Show the right equipment beforehand and you may leave the child with the necessary knowledge for stopping future injuries. It's also important to stay aware of the biggest dangers for each sport. For example, football players can learn the signs of concussions and head trauma, while swimmers can focus on muscle strain, exhaustion and fatigue. Any injury presents a good chance to learn about it for the future.
alttextDifferent childhood sports will come with varying levels of risk.

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